We are Now in The New Zealand Market!

Undoubtedly, New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to do business. We, at Viscotex, are happy to announce moving to the New Zealand market to provide great European products to everyone and to make this place as our new home for our Brand.

As we expanded our reach, we still offer the same high-quality products and services that remains competitive in the market worldwide. We believe that New Zealand’s booming industry will provide the ideal space to grow Viscotex.

To give you a short introduction to Viscotex, we are a family-owned business since 1989. Our humble beginning is built by strong values of partnership, honesty, trust, and sustainability.

What Does Viscotex Offer in the New Zealand Market?

You can select from our range of products, such as sealing pastes, lubricants, leak detection spray, and other equipment specializing in the plumbing, drainage and electrical industries. Check out the products we offer:

1.For Metalworking

Choose from our wide range of cooling lubricants, cutting oils, stamping oils, and greases. They will surely be helpful in your machining process by reducing and removing the heat build-up both in your workpiece and cutting zone.

Viscotex lubricants can be used in large central systems as well as individually filled machines. We take your requirement into account and consider the respective framework conditions in formulating our coolants. They are regularly adjusted according to needs and comply with regulations.

  1. Garages and Construction

Coolants and oil are standard offerings at any construction or garage. Even heavy equipment operators utilise the same systems and perform the same maintenance requirement on a larger scale. Heavy equipment requires hydraulic fluids to function. We offer all of these to cater to your industrial needs.

  1. Gas Leak Detection Spray

Here in Viscotex, we also provide Gas Leak Detection Sprays that are suitable for most pressure gas systems. It’s even safe for use in refrigerant gases since its non-corrosive. Using this spray, you can identify even the smallest, positive pressure leak on plastic or metal and fittings.

  1. Hemp Spool for water based applications

If you are looking for eco-chic hemp spool, we got it here. These are excellent choices for use in crafts a well as in industrial uses. Our hemp is made from the strongest Fibre known and offers superior durability.

Our hemp spool can be used for tying, wrapping, and binding a wide variety of products. It’s industrial grade so you are guaranteed with maximum performance.

Our Production and Warehouse

We love our brand and we oath to give you only the best of our service. In line with this, we make sure that our production and warehouse operate guided with the highest standards of safety and security.

As a manufacturing and trading company, we aim to expand our reach in New Zealand and create more meaningful partnerships that will benefit the market. Viscotex believes that the needs of customers change overtime and so is the demand for industrial products. To accommodate these needs, we will continuously manufacture a wide range of high-quality products.

Feel free to check our wide range of products and services.

Welcome to our New Zealand website!