Keep your solar heating threaded joints leak free!

Heating water can be very expensive, especially if you consume large volumes of water every day. Fortunately, solar heating provides a practical and eco-friendly way for you to generate enough heated water. With solar water heaters installed, you can enjoy using hot water without worrying about expensive electric bills and carbon dioxide emission. The only challenge is to make sure that your solar water heating system functions efficiently. 

Fortunately, there are various ways you can maintain the good working condition of your solar heating system. You can start by keeping the pipe fittings tightly sealed. This way, you can prevent leakages and maintain correct pressure inside the pipes.      

How to prevent solar heating pipe leaks 

To create leak-proof connections in your solar heating system, you can ensure Locher Paste Solar is applied on all the threaded assembly joints. This will create an airtight seal that prevents water from escaping for years to come. It’s a better option compared to other thread sealants because it can withstand high very high temperature and contains a “leak free” agent. Additionally, it can do well at low temperatures up to -20 degrees.

With Locher Solar Paste your installer can be confident that for years to come, you don’t need to frequently reapply a coating or check every now and then if the pipes joints still work fine.  

Whether you’re using a glazed, unglazed or evacuated tubular collector, a small can or tube of Locher Paste Solar can help you maintain the system’s efficiency.  

How to apply Locher Paste Solar 

Besides creating a waterproof seal between two connections, a pipe joint compound also serves as a lubricant. With it applied to the joints, you can also easily unscrew the fittings, especially when you need to do some plumbing works.  

Before applying the product, make sure that it’s free from grease or filth. Wipe it with a cloth or brush it to remove impurities. Then, apply just enough product on the thread, but leave the top portion clean. This way, you avoid getting any of the product stuck inside the pipe system. 

Once you finish preparing the thread, you can manually wind the pipe until they are fully connected. Then, using a wrench, turn the pipes two more times, making sure that everything is secured in place. As much as possible, avoid winding the pipes too tightly because it may cause damage especially during thermal expansion. Finally, after linking the pipes, wipe off the excess product on the thread to keep things neat and tidy.  

Start paying more attention to your solar water pipes today!  

With proper maintenance, your solar water heater can provide you with all the heated water you need for years. It can help you save a lot of money and enjoy a more energy efficient property. Once you have the system installed, make sure it’s functioning as efficiently as possible by protecting it from damages and leaks.  

Schedule check-ups to know if you have frozen pipes or leaky assembly joints. Also, if you need to install or replace joints and pipes, be sure to apply enough thread sealant like Locher Paste Solar for lubrication and protection from unnecessary leaks.