Locher 2000 Plumbing Paste

Metal fittings exhibit many favourable properties, but the problem is pick-up on assembly, also known as galling. It’s caused by cold welding of the high points of clean, oxide-free metal residue when the oxide film displaced by surfaces rubbing against each other when threading metal connections.

Due to the hardness of the metal, the sealing of metal thread connections can be much more challenging with these kinds of fittings.

Locher Paste 2000 is a designed for metal and brass threaded connections in any plumbing application, like Fermit. The following information will help in reducing the problem of users of metal and brass threaded connections. The 250gm tube is an industrial-grade product in the form of a paste. It prevents the leakage of fluid or gas in order to reduce the risk of mechanical faults in industrial or residential applications.

Product Details

Origin: Switzerland

Main Component: Sealing compound

Brand Name: Locher

Type: Joint Compound

Appearance: Grey Paste

Storage: Cool and Dark Places

Usage: Construction, Plumbing

Key Performance Properties of Locher Hole Punch Paste 2000

• Capability to work at room temperature conditions

• Self-adhesion

• Low-temperature Flexibility

• High-Temperature Maximum Performance

• Excellent Weather Durability

• Excellent Chemical Resistance

• Excellent Electrical Insulating Capacity

• Will Not Breakdown Seals

• Permanent sealing solution

Applications of Locher 2000

1. Pipe Thread Sealing

Pipe thread sealants are also known as pipe dope. Locher 2000 paste is designed for sealing of metal tapered fittings and pipes. The paste cures, when applied in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces and prevents leakage from shock and vibration. This sealant is best used for pipes. It’s high lubricating property prevents galling on the metal pipe threads and fittings.

If you are a plumber or gasfitter, the Locher 2000 is highly suitable for all Galv and Brass threaded connections.

2. Automotive Industry

There are common automotive applications of Locher 2000 such as in making cheaper gasket materials more robust and durable, increasing adhesion, and promoting water resistance. Make sure that Locher 2000 is at room temperature if you are going to use it for vulcanising purposes.

3. Chemical Industry Application

In chemical applications, the usual process requires sealing elements for materials with high chemical resistance. Single component sealants like Locher 2000 are needed to transfer very corrosive chemical solutions or fluid with high viscosity. The paste helps to prevent leakage of flammable products in the atmosphere.

4. Gas Industry

The Locher 2000 can be used in compression fittings in the gas industry. The paste provides initial seal and secures no leakage from the joints unlike other sealants that obstruct the flow of gas and end up blowing up the injector.

Avoid These Gasketing Mistakes

1. Gasket maker as a replacement to the gasket head.

While most sealants can replace conventional multi-material gaskets, they should never be used as a replacement for head gaskets.

2. Use a wrong gasket

Remember, gasket sealants are created for specific type of applications. You cannot just randomly pick on a sealant and apply it on whatever purpose you have. The formulations of sealants are meant for a variety of applications like resistance, high-temperatures, O2 sensor compatibility, and glycol resistance.
Using the wrong gasket sealant may not result in a reliable result.

3. Applying too much sealant.

When it comes to gasket sealant application, more is not better. You need to apply the right amount to come up with a reliable repair. Just spread an even layer of sealant to get the ideal seal. You don’t want excess sealant to squeeze out into areas where it might cause trouble.

The Locher 2000 Gasket Sealant paste is one of the best options in the market if you are looking for a product that can promise maximum sealing capacity in variety of applications. It outperforms other products in its line due to its ability to withstand high-temperature and viscosity.

Got some gasket sealing needs? Check out Locher 2000 now!

You can review the datasheets and more information about the temperature range on the Locher 2000 product page.