Upcoming Viscotex video submission competition:

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Viscotex prides itself in over 50 years of experience and manufacturing of plumbing, gas, and drainage consumables.

Our products are made in Switzerland with high adherence to high European standards and quality control for a competitive market that demands the best.

We have products to suit every occasion from Locher plumbing paste to seal metal fittings, gas leak detection spray, Locher solar paste designed to cope in extreme temperatures (160 to -20 degrees Celsius), drainage lube for O-Rings, and conduit lube for Electricians.

Whatever your trade, we have a product specifically designed to make your life easier. Save time, less callbacks = Win win!

We are very excited to announce our upcoming Viscotex competition.

Enter for your chance to win $1000 cash & plumbing goodies.

Viscotex Locher Paste 2000 is the most superior and loved thread seal product on the market for metal threaded connections in conjunction with hemp.

Plumbers around the world love this product as it is:

  • Clean and non-toxic
  • Non-sticky
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Solvent-free
  • Non-shrinking
  • Non-hardening
  • Doesn’t dry up
  • Dismountable

What you will need to enter the competition:

  • Threaded rod
  • 15ml round socket
  • Tools (excl. power tools)
  • Dressed hemp
  • Timer
  • Camera
  • Viscotex Locher Paste 2000

Film yourself hemping the rod, lube it up with Viscotex Locher Paste 2000, start your timer as soon as the socket touches the rod, then wind the socket all the way off the other end. Simple!

Who will be the fastest to win the competition and take home bragging rights, $1000 Cash and some plumbing goodies?

Will it be you?